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Hello, we’re Community of Purpose, the community interest company that helps you to put purpose at the core of your company whilst helping the greater Bristol region become a better place for children and young people! 
It’s no coincidence that when businesses succeed, it is often because they engage effectively and sustainably with the world outside the company, and when they fail, it is usually because they get this wrong. We believe the winning companies of the future will be those that successfully redefine their purpose and deploy their best teams in pursuit of these great social and environmental challenges. 
With a clear understanding of your overall marketing strategy, we will work in partnership with you to develop a bespoke marketing solution to meet your objectives whilst also tackling social challenges. We will build a collection of assets, serving your audience in a specific way, against which you can achieve your business goals, helping to create distinct entities that your company can benefit from. 
We support children and young people in the greater Bristol region to overcome poverty, tackle holiday hunger, improve health, education and reduce inequalities. Supporting these programmes can help your company to grow, recruit and retain great staff, build your brand, gain positive media attention, help build relationships, drive people to your website, increase sales, all whilst helping the community become an amazing place! 
Mob: 07846 007805 
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